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The worst company and will be happy to never deal with them again!! Been trying to pay a bill since June, spoke to 4 different members of staff, Selena, Amy, Nathan and sohni and none of them helped me at all, how can a company of this size not take a payment of £59.98 in full? And yet again have been unable to set up two payment instalments! When I am trying to buy a house I do not need this debt giving me bad credit! Joke of a company never... Read more

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I have never in my life dealt with such incompetent customer service reps. I can't express that enough. I have had nothing but problems since the very first day I signed up with this company; this was over a year ago. They have billed me incorrectly, they have shipped and billed for product I didn't order, they have messed up my online account, and more. But I have since received at least 2 free kits, and some odds and ends from Proactiv... Read more

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I recently went on the Proactiv website to order products for a family member. She wanted 5 of each of the products she asked for. The website limits you to 3 of any single item. So, at the advice of the customer service agent, I placed another order for the remaining items. I made an error, and placed a 3rd order to ensure that I received 5 of each item. When I only received one order, I called customer service. The first thing they asked... Read more

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Received the trial kit, 30 day supply, only lasted two weeks, definitely not worth it. I went onto my account to change what I was receiving only to find out they planned to charge me over a hundred for my next shipment. Way too much for a 30 day supply. Tried to change my order online but website wouldn't allow it. So I called. BIG MISTAKE! When I got through the rep who I was talking to barley spoke English. She didn't understand what I... Read more

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The company is unable to ship the product the consumer pays for. It has happened twice and I think the company is a scam because they have no problem charging you for their product and then they fail to follow through with making sure the customer receives the product. I believe that a company has an obligation to follow through with purchases. I ordered a 30 day supply of their product and received only an 8 by 5 envelope with an invoice and... Read more

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Guthry-Renkers ProActive range is probably the worst I have ever used, the product and customer service are sub par. I signed up for a 90 day skin care regime. I only ever received 2 out of the three packages for this. When I queried this with customer care I was told I was wrong and that I had infact not signed up to receive three... I not only did sign up but also paid in full. I then wrote to request my account be cancelled. I got no response... Read more

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  • Jul 20
  • #885793

Took money out requested a refund its been a week still eaiting for refund

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Ordering Proactiv was at first, easy enough and affordable at $14.95 plus shipping for a 30 day supply, then to be upped to a 90 day supply there after. Upon arrival, I read all the info that accompanied the products, including the exfoliating micro scrubber that actually was the highlight of my experience. Used all three products add directed, and went to sleep. Mind you, with minor visible acne, being the issue. Next morning I awake with 3... Read more

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This stuff is junk, they are just taking advantage of teen insecurity. There is NO scientific evidence that it works any better than rinsing your face with tap water. Waste your money if you are rich, but this is a total SCAM! I wasted my money and got no results. I started eating better and rincing my face with water a few times a day and changed my pillow cases and my acne cleared up. I can't believe that the FDA allows them to advertise thes... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 22
  • #870056

I used proactive while I was pregnant and it ruined my face. I now hv white spots all over my cheeks and forehead.

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