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I decided to try proactiv, and called their number to get the starter kit with free gift of whatever it was they were giving away for a "limited time". I thought I was ordering just one kit but three months later and an auto credit card charge later I received a new package with an invoice that detailed the membership that I had unknowingly signed up for.

I was pissed, but knew that even though they were being tricky and deceitful, that it was probably stated somewhere in my order if I had read the small print. So I decided to cancel the membership because I had become pregnant since I started the order, and no longer wanted to use the harsh chemicals, and salicylic acid is not recommended for use during pregnancy. I called and it was confirmed that my membership was cancelled. Then of course I received two more charges.

I called to find out what these charges were and was informed that they were the additional payment installations from the last order, totaling over $100. Whatever, again I knew that it was my mistake for not being more careful. So I said I just wanted to make sure that my membership was cancelled and I would not be receiving any more shipments or charges. They assured me it was cancelled.

Then three months later, another shipment came in the mail. I called again to tell them they had made a mistake, my account had been cancelled before and I shouldn't have been charged or getting the shipment. They said my account had never been cancelled, but that if I returned my shipment to the post office, they would reimburse me upon receipt and would cancel subsequent charges. Ok fine.

I took the box to the post office and paid for delivery confirmation, as they suggested. Three months later, you can guess what happened. Another box shows up in the mail, another charge to my card. So I called AGAIN and was firm but not rude with customer service (I know it's not that individual persons' fault).

However this guy was completely inappropriate and rude. He said that I never cancelled my membership and he would be happy to cancel it if that was what I wanted. I would just need to return the package to the post office . .

. blah blah blah, same story. I told him that I would not make another trip to the post office to return something that I did not order and was sent by someone else's error. He sighed and said "Ok, I will just say that you never received your order, and you will be reimbursed.

I hope you enjoy that free product I just gave you." I was so pissed at his insinuation that i was just trying to get something for free. I told him that I wanted my credit card information and contact information deleted from their system. He said he did that, but I somehow doubt it.

DON'T ever give Proactiv your credit card number. If you love the product and want to use it, buy it from those kiosks in the mall and use cash.

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I still like Jessica Simpson


Same thing happened to me. I actually reported my card lost and they still sent me packages!

For YEARS I have returned them! Refusing delivery of proactiv packages is part of my life now.

I have accepted it. :zzz

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