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I ordered a small trial size and knew that it would have renewals unless called and cancelled so I did that the next day through the automated system (although I was hesitant because I had read how bad they were at charging people even after canceling) well SURPRISE SURPRISE, I got charged today. When calling them, I DID NOT enter in a phone number or acct number and when the girl answered, she greeted me by name and verified my name.

Then she said that they had been having issues with their automated cancellation system so she transferred me to a live person, which I was on hold for 12 minutes for. The girl was outright rude, saying she never saw a cancellation on my file and after me insisting I did cancel she finally decided to try the conformation number. She told me I had cancelled someone else's account with the same address as me (WTF??) stating she needs my phone number on file so that it links it to me. I told her that they already had my phone number on file, because how else did they know it was me calling??

She kept saying that it was because I provided the previous girl with my acct number (Ummm NO I didnt even have that # in front of me!). Then she said she can't help me with a refund because she can't see the charge yet, but she would go ahead and cancel. WHAT the heck. What a TERRIBLE company.

I will be calling tomorrow to cancel the charge and they better not send me anymore of that *** or make me pay to ship it back to them.

OH and I have no money so I will be very happy when that charge hits my bank acct and gets me overdrawn!!!!!!! SCAMMERS!!!!!

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Hello, I switched my credit card to a prepaid card that had only $10 on it, they deleted my old master card and it worked for me, Did anyone else try that trick?

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