I ordered Proactiv online after a friend recommended it.

They screwed up my address so I never even received the product.

Then my account was debited for three times the original order amount a month later.

Spoke to their customer service twice but they are just trained to say yes they will reimburse you no problem, then they never do. No confirmation email

Nothing. They do not reply to emails. At least they stop sending you all there promo *** emails.

Had to cancel my credit card just to get them to stop debiting it.

How do we get them shut down.

They are not a legitimate company they are just scam artists.

Monetary Loss: $112.

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So, let me get this right, you ordered online and THEY screwed up your address? Please elaborate, because unless I'm missing something here, it sounds like you are the one who messed up, and you should be the one responsible for providing the wrong address to the company.

If the package was delivered to another address (the one I am assuming you put in the online form), whoever receives it is legally under no obligation to pay for or return the mis-shipped items, so why should Pro-Activ take the loss for your mistake?

This is what I gather from your complaint, if there are more details to back up your case, I would love to hear them, otherwise, I call bullsh!t. And since I know how a lot of the users on this site are, I am going to state that No, I am not an employee of Pro-Activ, nor was I compensated for this post.


You need to file an online complaint with the BBB. I went through the same frustrating experience as you did, luckily BBB got a full credit refund back on my credit card account.

Proactiv has a 100% customer satisfaction rating with the BBB so they will refund any customer complaints received to maintain this rating!!

What a scam, as people who are not aware to file a claim with the BBB will never see their money again

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