I join the proactiv solutions program and had my account debited for the product but, upon months of usage there was no solution so I called the number to deactive the products debiting and was informed that it was completed. Yet again I have had that amount debited from my account and upon conversating with a representative of proactiv I was inform that I would have to wait for the product sent to my address and return it to them before I can have my money credted back to my account. Yet this product has just been sent out anyway without my authorization and my account is held hostage for a unforseen period of time while their product is in transit.

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They tried to get me for another $97 after I clearly told customer service not to because I didnt like feeling like someone put a gun to my head and took my money.And the product itch a break me out with bumps happy i used a debit card on they *** since they couldnt Jack me they sent me a bill saying i was over due ha ha ha to pro active cancel that card. Order another debit card

Miami, Florida, United States #723921

Hey everyone, I had this same issue and got it solved pretty easily.The best thing you can do is file a complaint online with the Better Business Bureau.

It will not cost you anything, well you pay for it with your taxes already, might as well take advantage of it. ProActiv charged my account $22 without my permission, I called to cancel my account and they said it was too late to refund me because the order had shipped. Then I received an email saying my account was cancelled but I had a balance of $68. Googling this issue I found that many had the same problem and even got sent to collections over there balance, ruining their credit.

I filed a complaint with the BBB and stated that what I need for it to be solved was a refund of my $22, a letter stating my account balance was at $0 and a guarantee that they would not charge my account again or send me to collections later for any made up charge.

I got just that.Go through the BBB, it is fast and painless and they will do all of the dirty work for you.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #636507

I had the same problem..

I come from France I'm in australia for one year. I had a little bit acne's problems but no too much. I saw advertising Proactiv loop on TV, I wanted to try as many people. When I wanted to cancel the order, I sent many emails to the edge: no answer. So I waited, waited and no news. After I called the customer service many times and I had the same answer : "We call you back later" I was very angry and I had no solution.

I went to my bank and explained my problem. They told me that the only solution is to change my credit card with a number over.

So now I wait to recover the new one...

I hope to never have any contact with them. This situation will be a lesson.


Is there a way to stop Proactive from helping themselves to money from my account? the awful thing is that they know exactly what they are doing and yet they refuse to stop taking money for a product that i am not receiving. This cannot be legal.


I am in the same boat. So far proactive have taken $67.99 and are asking me to return products that i have not received in order to get a refund!!!!




I in the same situation with Proactive. They need to changed the way they do business. Heres an idea, how about letting the customer decide when they want to order your product.

Curico, Maule, Chile #266245

I am right in the middle of having a nightmare experience with Proactiv.They are deceitful and continue to charge my credit card wo authorization.

I received a cancellation confirmation email a month ago but BEWARE this means nothing. They talk in circles... you can cancel at anytime....no way....they say i will actually be billed two more months and the next month will be a 90 day supply! OMG obvious deceitful business practice.

I am disputing it at my bank and will try to get somewhere. They say I need to return products that I don't want at my expense!

OMG DONT ever buy PROACTIV!Doesnt matter if product is good---company will charge your card wo authorization and force you to incur charges to return the product you never requested!


I usually use ProActiv, but I wanted to try something new which was healthier with less chemicals.I read bad reviews of all the harmful chemicals in proactive.

My mother who is in her 60's and looks like she is in her 30's, recommended Made from Earth.

I have a bit of adult acne and she recommended the Made from Earth Grapefruit Glycolic Scrub, and it works just as well as ProActiv. I used it for a couple of days, and saw results right away.

Overall, my skin looks much better than before I used it.I didnt use any of their moisturizers but I would recommend the Grapefruit Glycolic Scrub.


I have had the same problem, I will NEVER use proactive again, they were extremely rude to me, and every time I talked to a customer service rep they lied to me. so unprofessional, Anytime anyone asks me about Proactive I will tell them what a horrible company they are!!

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