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I tried this Proactiv 3-step system and it ruined my skin. Proactiv was the only products I was using, and I followed all the directions carefully and even tested it on my skin for few days to see if I had any allergic reactions that they said should happen right away, so my skin wouldn’t be ruined. I didn’t have any allergic reactions right away. It seemed like it was working for about a few weeks, but then all of sudden one night after I rinsed it off my skin started crack, peel, bleed, and burn so badly that I started screaming. I didn’t have any health insurance so I just stopped using the Proactiv products, hoping my skin would heal and go back to normal. I thought my skin did, but then with just water touching my face my skin started to burn, peel, crack, and bleed all over again. I didn’t understand why, I wasn’t using Proactiv anymore, but my skin is still freaking out like I am. Since I didn’t have any health insurance anymore, I did my own research online to see what was happening with my skin. My symptoms are the same with people suffering from chronic and severe Seborrheic Eczema, which is caused by an unknown irritant. Proactiv was the unknown irritant that caused my chronic eczema. The Proactiv was so harsh to my skin, it irritated my skin to the point that now it seems like my skin is allergic to water. I can only shower/bath once a day at the most. I can’t wash my face everyday anymore, because my skin gets too dried out from the water that it hurts my skin. I can’t go swimming anymore or my skin turns red and raw all over my body from being in too much water for too long. My skin is shedding like a snake on a daily basis now. And after my skin sheds I have these red rashes all over my face and scalp now. Even wind, sun, and rain makes my skin burn. When I start sweating on my face my skin just starts burning where the sweat is. I can’t wrap up my face or anything when I go outside when my skin is in pain to protect it because anything touching my face hurts. So I literally have to go everywhere with a umbrella. Just a slight temperature change of 10 degrees makes my skin flare up with chronic eczema, it’s not just the water. The red rashes appear, the cracking of my skin, peeling, and sometimes blood, then last of all the shedding of my skin like a snake. My skin aches so badly from all this I can’t even wear makeup or put really anything on my skin. I have really bad dandruff too, that is more like large scales that shower everywhere anytime I comb or brush my hair. Now my hair is breaking off and not growing because of my ruined scalp. My scalp gets so dry from this chronic eczema that somehow spread to my scalp that it hurts. It’s hard for me just to keep a job without looking like a diseased person. Which I now am thanks to Proactiv! Nothing out there can help heal my skin because it keeps coming back. My skin, hair, and life is now ruined by Proactiv. I warn anyone thinking about trying this product please really think about it and consider the side effects like I suffered! Please ask your dermatologists before using it, because this is like a prescription! It could ruin your skin and life! It may work for some people, but it definitely didn’t for me. It ruined my skin.I plan on sueing Proactiv from ruining my skin. I’m currently looking for a lawyer right now. Here is the link to my blog with pictures and video I made about how Proactiv ruined my skin.



Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of proactiv skin care products that ruined my skin. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "the product ruined my skin" of proactiv 3-step system and associated monetary loss in the amount of $100000. Proactiv needs to "i want a lot more than a refund for the product. i deserve a lot of money for my skin being ruined. i think around at least 1 million" according to poster's claims.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1259110

I used to use Proactive in high school, but stopped cold turkey after health class on the ingredients in our everyday beauty products.It worked wonders while I used it, but as expected, the acne came back with a vengeance!

I would recommend a mixture of half water, half apple cider vinegar or maybe a higher ratio of water, but I think it would really burn your skin.

I do recommend dry brushing with a brush with soft bristles to remove the peeling skin and unrefined coconut oil to keep your skin soft and moisturized. I also used apple cider vinegar, which has played a HUGE part in battling my acne, but I'm afraid it would just burn your skin and make it worse! I also use the vinegar to treat rashes and patches of eczema.

It works wonders!

I am so sorry to hear the ordeal you're going through.Your story has really humbled me.

Columbus, Georgia, United States #1112778

Oh, and one more thing, I noticed that you failed to mention the part (like any other customer) where you contacted the company about the issue, and how they handled the issue, which led you to sue them.If you had, and they failed to offer a refund, discount or whatever to rectify the problem, then you're justifiable and should sue.

However, if you didn't inform them of the issue until after the 60 day limit, then you aren't getting anything back because you had plenty of time to do so. You shouldn't sue until you have allowed the company sufficient time to honor their policy, or amend. Otherwise, you have no case. Although some products will make your symptoms worse at first, it's usually mild, and doesn't last no longer than a week.

However, if your symptoms are unbearable, and last longer than normal, then you should immediately stop and consult a doctor. Also, I’d like to add that sometimes you can’t go by the recommendation. In other words, if they recommend that you use the product more than once daily, then you need to reduce it to once a day, or every other day to reduce the harshness. And as for your hair, girl, you telling a story because I’ve used acne products to the point I know that none have every caused flakes, dandruff, or eczema to form in my head.

Moreover, all acne products aren't made for everyone. What may work for one person may not work for you, which why it’s called, “hit or miss”. Unfortunately, the product was a “miss”...

It's for acne prone skin too, but it's a bit drying so make sure to use a moisturizer too. Furthermore, you could use apple cider vinegar to rinse your scalp. If that’s too harsh, then add aloe vera juice (or gel), olive oil and/or raw honey to your conditioner/moisturizer, or apply it directly to your scalp to reduce the eczema. But the truth is - you don't have a case.

You just chose a product that wasn't for you.

This is just an unfortunate situation.As for the face, making an olive oil, honey and oatmeal mask because it reduces irritation.

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Columbus, Georgia, United States #1112739

I have eczema, but my symptoms are very mild compared to what you described.But regardless of skin type, finding a product that works for your skin is the same as trying to find a good fitted bra.

In other words, you have to go through “trial and error” to figure out what your body loves, tolerates, and absolutely hates. Unfortunately to achieve this, you’ll (more than likely) have to purchase the product to test it out. And if the product doesn’t work for you, then you should note the ingredients in that product, especially any unusual ingredients that aren’t common in any products you typically/currently use. Doing so would help you determine which products work for your skin, and which ones don't.

Furthermore, stop making up excuses to justify why you haven’t consulted a doctor about your condition. If you can afford to purchase Proactiv products, then you can afford medical assistance. How do I know? Because I’m uninsured too.

Yet, I’ve managed to receive medical assistance through my local public health department, a community health center, my school’s health clinic, etc. Also, most healthcare providers will work with low-income individuals and families. And how can you sue a company about how badly it damaged your skin if you haven’t sought after medical advice from a certified physician? I mean, photos are good, but comparing your symptoms to what you discovered on google isn’t evidence.

As a matter-of-fact, you’re not a doctor, and...

So, your research skills sucks if you weren't aware of those facts. Plus, you’re exaggerating about not getting a job. There are plenty of people with skin worse than yours who have jobs, so you’re using another excuse to justify your laziness and/or incompetence. And I bet even before you used Proactiv, you didn’t have a job, or at least a steady one.

And you were probably laid off or fired for reasons unrelated to your skin condition. Besides you could request your local department of human service or labor for assistance by visiting their establishment.

Or you could have worked from home; be a baby-sitter, house-sitter or pet-sitter for family, friends, neighbors, as well as, inform them that you would like to extend your services in case someone is looking for a person to take care of something or someone.Similarly, you could do volunteer work, attend school, ask your former co-workers, professor, classmates, friends and family members for job referrals until you can do better.

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In addition to the previous comment use a fragrance free cleanser and face lotion to prevent dryness and further peeling skin


Hi, I'm not a nurse.I could be wrong, and I also wouldn't want you to further irritate your skin, but try exfoliating your face using sugar and a facial cleanser you trust with soft circular motion using very gentle pressure at first until your skin can begin to take normal pressure.

It might be uncomfortable at first.

Exfoliation gets rid of dry skin and promotes healthy skin cell renewal and reverses age.Good luck.


Hello- Our team is here to help.Please contact our Corporate Escalation Team here: http://www.proactiv.com/lp/cet so that we can learn more about your experience and offer further assistance.

Thank you.-Proactiv Customer Care


this is your fault you ***.first off you are black.

not known for the best of skins. proactive cannot change your race. if i use anything besides water on my face i break out. its called sensitive skin dumb ***.

im white and i have this issue.you probably want to sue someone.

to Anonymous Columbus, Georgia, United States #1112845

Wait...Wth does her race have to do with her skin reacting badly to the product?

There are as many black consumers who consider Proactiv as their holy grail as there are many (or more) white consumers who despise the product. Regardless of race, Proactiv isn’t a racially biased. Therefore, I don't know why the *** you're pulling the race card, but it's irrelevant. And why are you calling her out her name, and demeaning her?

It's totally uncalled for, and rude. Does it make you feel big and proud to bully people online? Wow, aren't you a very mature and rational person? Even though I feel she shouldn't sue them because I'm not entirely convinced by her case, she bought the product for the same purpose that every other consumer does: to achieve clear, even skin.

Where in her paragraph did she ever imply she used the product to change her race? And so what if she did? Why do you care? It’s not your body, so get over it!

And where does it scientifically say that black people are "not known for the best of skins"? What scientific evidence do you have to prove such absolute BS to justify how arrogantly ***, disrespectful you sound? Last time I checked, everyone and anyone are prone to bad skin. And since when did achieving clear, even skin tone meant the same as those who tan, Botox, get butt injections, fat transfer, etc (i.e.

Kim Kardashian) to be socially accepted amongst the minority rather than the majority (white population)?...

Therefore, stop living in the past.It's 2016; wake up, sheep.

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to Anonymous #1171426

This is just rude to talk to someone like this. You should be ashamed of your self. Go somewhere else with your hatred, an stop being a cyber bully.

to Anonymous Lexington, South Carolina, United States #1171428

There is no problem with this persons skin color(white,black,yellow,brown,purple) the problem is people like you calling people a dumb a**. I shall pray for you

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