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Proactive Solution constantly advertises their "risk-free trial" of their three top-selling products for $19.95, which seems reasonable.I ordered the "trial" over the phone giving my card number for the $19.95 + shipping total.

I received the trial product and it was just OK, nothing special about it - didn't work any differently than anything else on the market. I would not have ordered any more Proactiv products as they are expensive and not worth it. The following month, I received a bill in the mail for $49.95 + shipping indicating that this was to pay for my first shipment of Proactiv. I contacted them to ask about this charge and was told that I had "joined their membership" by ordering the "risk-free trial" and that once per month I was now going to be billed that amount to pay for a "monthly supply" of Proactiv.

I informed that that I had never agreed to joining their membership and to cancel it immediately, which they said they did and sent me a cancellation notification. Seemed OK until I received a letter from a collection agency informing me that my payment of $49.95 + shipping was long overdue. A collection agency? So I once again contacted Proactiv who told me that in order for them to call off the collections agency, I had to mail back the shipment to them.

I asked if they meant the "trial" shipment that I had already paid for and they said no, the first shipment of my monthly membership. I told them I had never received anything else from them other than the original "trial" package which they had already charged $19.95 + shipping to my credit card for. This went on for months and I kept telling them I never received anything to send back to them. All I kept getting were more letters from the collection agency, who in turn reported this to the credit bureau.

Because it is almost impossible to purchase anything, like a car, house, etc., with a negative on your credit report, I finally had to send Proactiv a check for this amount for a product I never received from them.

If you want to keep a good credit score, don't purchase ANYTHING from Proactiv.Also, their products simply aren't worth the money they think they are.

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you need to file an online complaint with "BBB", I did and received a full credit back from this shady company

Otis, Oregon, United States #675166

I had used Proactiv for some time, but decided to stop using it before I moved to another state. I called and cancelled my account, and was informed that all my payments were taken care of.

However, upon coming back to my mom's house, I found a stack of collections notices for $26.60. What troubles me most is that, despite having my phone number and e-mail, no contact was made inquiring as to a missed payment [which I was not aware I had, and am still confident that I should not have]. But the lack of reaching out before notifying a collections agency is extraordinarily disconcerting.

I reached out to to them; will follow-up if I get a positive resolution.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #624873

I just got off the phone with ProActiv.I fell for this scam as well.

They now say I owe them $78, $38 for the trial offer and $40 for the next shipment they sent that I didn't even ask for and haven't even received.

I will NEVER use ProActiv again.No matter how good it works.

L'ancienne-Lorette, Quebec, Canada #604052

I ordered proactive an paid $19.95 for 4 products an got the dark spot remover free.Then a few months later I received a letter in the mail saying I owed $59.98 more an I didn't order nothing else from you or your company.

You are dishonest an I don't like how you have did me an other's on here that I have read about I know not to trust you an your advertising on tv.:eek : :( 8)


Same initial experience as Zipperten who we thank, as well as others, for advising the public of this scam.If they use USPS they ought to be turned in for mail fraud, otherwise FTC.

We tried to cancel special initial offer for $19.95 and were told after they had our credit card number that we would have to contact US Air MC. As the billing hadn't been made yet, we could not challenge charge and had to cancel card number to prevent repeat of entire Zipperten's experience.



thank you for all the input i was going to order this product but have since in just the last five minutes am saying no. so any suggestions to get rid of this adult pimples i have bad break outs


I did the same thing with the trial thing and I tried it for several weeks it did nothing.And so I called them and cance.lled it I had already paid 29.99 for that.

Trial set which the bottles were tiny and they told me it was supposedly a 60 day amount hahahahaha yea right well anyways my account was supposed to be cancelled and that I would receive no more shipmants we'll just today 8 months after the trial they sent me a huge set.

For 90 bucks and I called them and told them that I did not order it I do not want it and I am not paying for it that my account was supposed to be cancelled and they told me they opened a new account for me with out my permission wtf I told them they better cancell both or I will be calling my lawyer so they said send back the box unopened that I have to pay to send it back even though I did not order it they have to get it withn 7 to 10 days or I will be charged full amount.Proactive is a terrible solution


I was just about to order proactic solutions.Then I decided before orderingnit online i should google it first vthank goodness I found these comments.

I will definately NOT be ordering it now.Thanks!


I ordered ONE product - a body lotion - and then got send a 4PC OFM CONT OFFER containing four products that I did not order.This came complete with a charge to my credit card of $102.85.

When I called to complain I was told that all customers who place an order are 'automatically signed up' for more orders.Be very wary of this company.


Hi zipperten,

I'm in a similar situation as you, and wanted to know, what collection agency did they use?I'm getting my collection letters from a firm called SKO Brenner, and they told me they don't report to credit bureaus.

I could go more into depth, but I really don't want to bore you, unless you want to hear it. I've basically been ignoring the collection agency, because, like you, this isn't a legitimate debt. I've been interviewing for jobs recently, though, and they all involve background/credit checks. In a flash of fear, I thought, 'what if this b/s debt is on my credit report and prevents me from landing a job?' so i dusted off a notice of delinquency from SKO Brenner from about 3 months ago and called them.

Real calmly, I asked if my debt was going to be reported to a credit bureau, to which I was answered by the claim that they don't report anything to any agencies.

I told her again that I wouldn't be paying this debt since it won't seem to affect me in anyway (sure, more junkmail, but whatever).Anyway, sorry for rambling, but I'm really interested in hearing about your story with the collection agency.

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