Such a Fraud is this Pro Active Not Solution.I do not know where to start...May be with this that this product Sucks.Do Not Buy it....Then may be that they make me a member of there So Called Membership program and try to charge me every month the amount of 37.94 for product that I did Not want. I call them so many times to cancel that and ask for my money was fight for weeks...I want informe you Do Not buy this product there are going to take your money so many times.*** Proactive is a Scam....

Monetary Loss: $59.

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Yeah, I got a thing in the mail and figured I would give it a try.Now I have a recurring charge on my credit card, I read in detail everything through the order process.

There was nothing that told me this would be recurring, and the only thing I am allowed to change on my account page is the address. The credit card information is locked in and grey, the only thing I can do is give them another credit card. Yeah right, like I would do that...

Now I have to call AGAIN because they did not remove my card information, when they said it was done.And I just know they are going to hit it again in three weeks.


i ordered online for what i thought was the 1 month supply i got charged $32.00 i thought that was it but then i got charged again the next month and received a 2nd package i called and cancelled but never got a return form to send the package back and get my money back i called like 5 times and they said they were gonna email me but i never got the email one guy said i was gonna get send a letter for return but when i got it it was not a return form just a confirmation that i cancelled my account.I called again mad as *** and lady told me i dont need a code or anything to return just the address that she gave me which was a load of BS.

Then i got charged again after i have cancelled and they told me i would pay 3 separate payments for the 2nd package that i haven't even opened yet cause its supposely a 90 day package even though it looks exactly the same as the 1st package i got.

Now im waiting for a return form their gonna send me so i can finally send the package back and get all the money i lost back i just hope they dont charge me again because i been reading alot of *** and i just lost my job and thanks to proactive i have -$25.00 on my card and their gonna keep on raping my card even after i cancelled.i Never been this angry i swear i feel like killing them this aint a good bussiness at all its a scam and their gonna rape your card.


There is nothing on their website when ordering that alerts you of their automatic reoccurring subscription plan. This is a scam, everyone should be filing an online complaint with the BBB (Better Business Burean) for a full refund.

This company and it's dishonest tactics must be put out of business


they charged me shipments i never receive and i already cancel a few months ago Now ther calling me about sending me to court but i cancel :(

Flushing, New York, United States #589744

They hang up (!) when you call the customer service , saying "sir, you are breaking up" and the website feedback never works. As for my order- I paid 29.99, they signed me up for reaccuring charges and NEVER shipped the original order !!!!! Got refund from my credit card.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #578795

Once they get their hands on your credit card or paypal info, you're done.It is a SCAM!

It works somewhat, but not worth the aggravation! They charge for shipments that I never received and when I called they said they would send me a refund check. 3 weeks later, I call again, he says the check is in the mail and tells me amount of $37. It is supposed to be $47.

So he says he'll put in to send another check for $10. I asked him why I haven't even received the first check and he said they mailed it 12 days ago. Um, noooo way. Mail does not take that long.

He says it will take two to three weeks. Really? I asked if it was submitted 12 days ago, when did they actually mail it, put it in the USPS mail? He is evasive, then lies and said they put it in 12 days ago.

They are liars and rely upon the fact that a lot of people don't check their accounts to see that the charges with no merchandise.TOTAL SCAM!!!!!

to Also ***ed Murrieta Hot Springs, California, United States #617320

yes proactive robbed me.


it is a scam. they pretend it takes 3 days to upload your order so you forget to cancel. Their online chat is terrible - the post written above sounds like it was written by a Proactiv representative.


Proactive is awesome.I worked for my when I was deployed and broke out because or the horrible watter.

After a while your face gets used to it and stops working so you need to use something else and then you can go back to Proactive.

To avoid extra Fees just go to the Kioask in a mall and buy it from there, you dont have to wait nor deal with the operator.


they are a complete scam. I ordered once and they kept sending me the product and charged my Credit card. I have not received my $ back after calling Proactive CS and cancelling an order I never did.

F%&^** Scammers!

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