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The first application of the full Proactive system was ok for me. The next application, 12 hours later, felt a bit uncomfortable a few minutes later.

A couple of hours later, my face swelled up, one eye was shut completely, the other I could barely see out of, and I was in terrible pain. I was rushed to the hospital, given steroids and antihistamines, then was discharged. For a week later my face was red, sore, and swollen. That was back in 2008.

I swore to never touch Proactive again, but I've always struggled with acne, and later year (2016) I convinced myself that perhaps I was just unlucky, perhaps it was a bad batch back in 2008, and surely I'd be fine to ty just a little Proactive again, seeing as it worked so well for so many people. So guess what happened? Ok, this time I didn't need rushing to the hospital, but my face did swell up so badly I was off work for 2 days and had to put poultices on my skin to calm down the very angry rash.

I contacted Proactive both times, and both times they fobbed me off, claiming their product is perfectly safe but that if my skin is hypersensitive (it isn't) I should simply avoid the product. No apologies, no offers of discounts, no offers to pay for my medical treatments.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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