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A fraudulent charge appeared on my credit card. It was from Proactiv. I called my bank to report.

Proactiv then started send ME bills for the fraudulent charges with the fake name the criminal used to place orders with my stolen credit card number.

They did this for four months in a row and are now threatening me with "sending my account to collections."

My bank tells me I'm not responsible for the charges and to ignore these bills as they are not even addressed to me, but it's kind of hard to ignore when they are threatening me.

Tried calling their phone number and a message plays on an infinite loop, so it's impossible to call them.

Reason of review: Credit Card Fraud.

Preferred solution: Company to stop harassing me about a fraudulent credit card charge not made by me.

I didn't like: Being harassed for a charge placed by an identity theif, Mail fraud.


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