We signed up for Proactive in October. We were charged $30 at the beginning of October and product was shipped.

At the end of October I was charged $50 and more product arrived. In November, we were charged $30 nothing was shipped. In December another $30 nothing shipped. Come January I was charged $50 and product was shipped.

I hadn't realized the $30 agreement I had signed up for in October would cost me over $100 going forward. I called today to cancel and spoke to Kelsie - yes she spelled her name for me -who could use a class in customer care. I informed her I wanted to cancel, knowing customer service reps I did expect her to ask why and try to keep me as a customer so I was prepared. She then asked why.

I explained that we had received only two shipments and had paid over $150 and online shows I owe an additional $60. We then went around and around regarding when payments were due versus when product was shipped. She seemed to be losing her patience trying to explain how the process works. She then said well that's how it's billed out.

I said ok but I would like to cancel. She said is this for you, no I replied, my daughter. Well does she use everything in the kit. Before I could answer she said you can change things to make it cheaper or extend the shipping out.

I said yes she does use everything and that she has run out from the last shipment to this one so extending it wasn't an option. She then said well how about the three system shipment for $19.95 and we can ship it every 6 months. I said the extension wouldn't work because she is already running out with the 3 month shipment. I then said even so, would the charge be $20/month with only two shipments.

That would be 240 a year. She then said you don't really expect to get the shipments for $19.95 do you?

I was shocked at her tone. Before I could respond she said 'Well at this point you really don't care and I'll go ahead and cancel since you don't want it.'

Product or Service Mentioned: Proactiv Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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