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So I've been a member with proactive for a while now, I'd say two years or so. I find the product is decent, takes a while to work and makes your skin worse before it does, but definitely NOT worth the money paid for it!

I'd usually go to Square One to buy the 3 step system but I started ordering online because I thought it would be easier. I signed up for a trial kid for 19.99, first of all it came to about $30 even though the commercial said "free shipping". Less than a month after they sent me a $60 kit. I was aware this was going to happen so I didn't mind.

But then about a month after they sent me another one, and then another half a month after that and charged my mom's card again. They kept doing this, and it took me a while to realize they were taking money out of my count -- more than they were supposed to and randomly even! Soon, I had 3 unopened kits piling up in my room. I called proactive to complain.

Not only is their wait time ridiculously long but their workers are also idiots as well. Finally, after I had asked to cancel my account they said they would put a hold and only send one in July.

Soon after, about a month, they took $63 out of MY PERSONAL account which I didn't even remember giving them my card info, it was the first time they had withdrawed. So it was unauthorized.

I called them, angrily, and said that I didn't want the package and I wanted to cancel it and get my money back. They said that I had to wait until I got it and simply ship it back and they will give me a refund. Two weeks later, I received the package. I went to go and send it back to the same address it was delivered from.

I called back and they said that I would have to wait about 2 weeks until they receive it to refund it. Two weeks later, I called back and they said they hadn't received it yet. I asked them why they told me 2 weeks and they said if I sent it back to the return address then it would take a month because it wasn't the right one and they would have to send it to them. I was so pissed off at this point but had no choice but to wait for a month.

A month later, OR MORE, I called back and they said they had received the package and that I had owed them a balance of about $3. At this point i was like WTF are you kidding me?! I argued with them and told them the story that I sent it back, and they said they had no record of it and that the system said I sent back the package but they didn't charge my card. They then said I had to send a credit statement to a fax number, and gave me the number to call.

So I go to fax my statement, which clearly said on Jan23 I was charged by Proactiv about $63. Not only did the number she give me not work, I had to use the one I found on the website. I then realized I didn't put my account # so I faxed it again. I called and told them and they said I had to wait 4 business days for the fax to be received.

I wait 4 days and call, and they say they hadn't received it and I would have to wait until they do. I can't describe the long and painful process of trying to get this refund back. I'm a teenager and $63 is a lot to just disappear out of my personal account, which wasn't even associated with my proactive account! But then, I called and they said I would have to talk to someone in the billing department, but guess what, they DIDN'T know the number and they said they would put in a note for them to call me at my number, and that it could be anytime throughout the 2 weeks.

I told them no one is home during the day and that I would most likely miss the call and they said I would just have to call again and tell them if I missed it. Of course, NO PHONE CALL ! not even a voicemail, or anything. It's been 5 months now and I'm still not over this but my bank account changed from a youth to student account so there's no point in having to go through all of this *** again.

I'm just so angry with this company I refuse to buy anything else. ALSO I called to cancel my membership and the worker just hung up on me...! Unbelievable right. I'm just gonna have to find a better product worth the money I spend on it, I DO NOT RECOMMENT PROACTIVE TO ANYONE!!!!!!



Monetary Loss: $64.

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